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   Lumbridge Runescape City Guide
City Type: Free

Lumbridge Runescape City Guide:
Music Playing: Harmony, Dream, Flute Salad, Autumn Voyage, Start, Book of Spells, Yester Year

Lumbridge, you all know about it and most of us have seen it many times.

Lumbridge is the very first city you see when you first start RuneScape, that is why Jagex has put quite a bit of effort into it.

Also Lumbridge is the city that you respawn to.
*NOTE: If you are a Member and have done Recruitment Drive you may have your respawn point at Falador.

When you first get off Tutorial Island or Die, Lumbridge will look a little something like this... (For this picture it was a little of both)

Pretty isn't it?

Now let's head into the castle by going West (left). This is a map of the main floor.

In the room with the Cook there is a range, to use the range you must do the "Cook's Assistant" Quest, to start that talk to the Cook.
Also in the same room the Cook is in there is a trapdoor, if it's not already open click on the door to open it, then click on the ladder to go down. When you have arrived to the basement it will look something like this...

Ok, head back up to the main floor and go to the staircase and go to the second floor. This floor is where the royalty live. On this floor there is also a place to spin wool into balls of wool. Here is a picture of the second floor...

You can also start two quests on this floor, the first being "Rune Mysteries Quest" if you ever want to get into the business of making your own runes you have to do this quest. The second quest is "The Lost Tribe" this is a Members Only quest.
Also if you ever are in need of an Anti-Dragon Shield just talk to Duke Horacio and he'll give you one.

Onto the third floor of the castle, I don't really see any need for this floor, its mostly there for looks. Up here we have the cannons to defend the castle and such like that. But heres a picture...

Ok, go back to the main floor of the castle and go East straight out of the court yard and then head south. Down in this area is the famous Bob's Axes, he sells a variety of axes and battle axes, he will also repair broken axes.
Also down in that area is a Church to replenish your prayer points. In the church is Father Aereck who when talked to about quests will assign you the "Restless Ghost Quest". Here is a picture of Bob's Axes and the area down there.

Ok, lets go north now to the Outer Edges of Lumbridge, now we run into some new monsters like Goblins and Giant Spiders, but don't worry they aren't that strong. Up here you can find the Lumbridge General Shop, the Smithy, and the Lumbridge Guide. The Lumbridge Guide is there to help Newbies and even some Veterans on how to survive in RuneScape, he also gives Quest advice. Here is a picture of the Northern Areas of Lumbridge...

Ok, the next few parts are harder to explain because it involves some walking, so I will post a picture of the map and it will have numbers just find that number and you're there.

Here is the map...

#1 The Chicken Farm

This place is where you start the "Sheep Shearer" quest, just ask Fred the Farmer if he has any quests.
Also I suggest this place to train on whilst in your first 15 lvls, not only do the chickens provide fighting experience, but their bones give prayer, and their meat gives cooking, and you can sell the feathers for money. So for your first about 15-20 lvls I suggest you train here.
Also back behind the house is an onion patch.

#2 A Cabbage Patch

I don't know why, but apparently some people collect cabbages...if you know any of these people direct them here.

#3 A Cow Pasture

Not much is in this place but there is a Treasure Trail Coordinate that points to this area.

#4 Wheat and Hay

If you're in need of flour you'll first need wheat, just pick it here and then go to the mill (#5)

#5 Mill

This is one of the few places in RuneScape to make flour, to do so you need wheat, and a pot.

#6 Potato Patch

If you're ever making stew and need some potatoes just come here.

#7 H.A.M. HeadQuarters

H.A.M. or Humans Against Monsters reside under that trapdoor, to get there you need to pick the lock and be on a Members World.

#8 Tree Patch

If you are fluent in the ways of farming and are looking for a tree patch, look no further! Here it is!

#9 The Lost City Quest start (Members Only)

Have you heard of the Lost City? Do you want to find it? If so trick these guys into talking about what exactly they are doing. Remember the only way to be able to weild a Dragon Long and a Dragon Dagger is to do this quest. Also remember that this is a MEMBERS ONLY Quest.

#10 Slayer Dungeon Entrance (Members Only)

Down here you can find a VERY wide variety of Slayer Monsters, also down here you can find the "Tears Of Guthix" quest.

#11 Entrance to Zanaris

After you have completed "The Lost City" if you enter this building while weilding the staff you made you will be automatically transported to the now 'Found' City of Zanaris.

#12 The Mining in Lumbridge Swamp, and Father Urhney

These mines are very popular amongst the lower levels, as most people go to the mine under Falador or Barbarian Village for coal.
In the "Restless Ghost" quest you must find Father Urhney and get the amulet of Ghostspeak from him, and now you know where he is!

#13 Shortcut from Lumbridge Swamp to Graveyard

If you were on a Members World you may take this shortcut through the broken fence to either Lumbridge or back into the Swamp.

#14 Old Abandoned House

Not much to this house, Goblins are all over the place though. Although there is Treasure Trail Clue that points to the crates near that house.

#15 Cow Pasture

An excellant place to train. I suggest training range here. Not only do you receive fighting experience but you can get prayer experience from the bones, you can get cooking experience from the meat, and you can get crafting experience from the hides. But to be able to work the hides you must take them to a tanner, and the closest one is in Al Kharid.

#16 Chicken Coop

Another place to kill Chickens, and one of the few places in R uneScape to get eggs.

#17 Another Potato Patch

Well, if you really like Potatoes then this place is a dream come true.

#18 Hops Patch

A farming patch used for growing hops.