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   Falador Runescape City Guide
City Type: Free

Falador Runescape City Guide:

  1. Banks
    These are the two banks in Falador (West and East)

  2. Falador Park/East Bank
    Hot spot for trading, especially on worlds 1 and 2

  3. White Knight's Castle
    Home of the white knights good place to train (Level 60+ is recommended)

  4. Hairdresser
    Here you can get a beard trim or a haircut for 1000gp each.

  5. Furnace
    A great place to smelt at for f2p. It's very close to the west Falador bank

  6. Gem Shop
    The Gem Shop does not restock itself, so it is usually empty, but sometimes if you're lucky you can find some gems for sale, and get the at a great price.

  7. Shield Shop
    This is the only f2p Shield Shop, and you can buy any shield up to Mith Squares here.

  8. Armour Shop
    At the Falador Armour Shop you can buy Chainmail up to Adamantite.

  9. Mine Entrances
    This entrance to the Dwarven Mines takes you outside of the Mining Guild, where you can find lots of rocks of all kinds to mine.

    This entrance takes you straight into the Mining Guild, where you can mine coal and iron. You must have at least 60 Mining to enter.

    Have fun in Falador!