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   Edgeville Runescape City Guide
Written By: Shevitcz

City Type: Free

Edgeville Runescape City Guide:

1. The Edgeville Dungeon - This spot makes a great training area. You enter it by going down the trap door in the top, right corner of the room (according to the picture).

One of the best monsters to train on is located down there, giants. Giants drop big bones which make excellent training for prayer and they also can drop rune items, but they are rare. If you want good experience points, you�d want to check out the giants down there.

Yew Trees - If you walk through the east door in the room where you found the entrance to the dungeon, you will find two yew trees.

This spot may be the best spot to train high level woodcutting on a free to play server. Also, if anyone is a fire maker, you could cut the trees and use the logs for your burning needs.

2. House of Men - This house is filled with constantly respawning men. If any lower levels are interested in some training, this would be the place to go.

You can also bury the bones they drop for a bit of prayer experience. This can also make an interesting spot to kill, if ANYONE is looking for a clue scroll. Clue scrolls have about the same drop rate as a gem.

3. Cell - This small building is filled with guards. There are four of them there, and they respawn rather quickly.

Just like the house filled with men, this area is a great place to get clues. In my opinion, guards are the best thing to train on in general, if you are looking for a clue scroll. They drop them fairly often, meaning, you won�t be there all day trying to get one.
4. Oziach - This is the house where Oziach lives. He plays a big role in the dragon slayer quest. Right after you being the quest, you are directed to him. He tells you that in order for him to sell you rune plate, you need to defeat a dragon. Here is a picture of his shop that you can buy from, after you finish the quest:

This is how much each of his items sells for:

Rune platebody - 84,500 gp.
Dragonhide body - 10,140 gp.

5. Richard - This man will sell you wilderness capes. All of them cost you 50 gp each.

Anyone who is wearing the same cape you have on will appear blue on your map. Here are the names of the capes starting from the right and going to the left.

Team - 6 Cape
Team - 16 Cape
Team - 26 Cape
Team - 36 Cape
Team - 46 Cape

6. Unicorns and Barbarian Village - If you head a bit south of this point, you will be out of Edgeville and into Barbarian Village. In the middle of these towns are two unicorns.

If you are in a member�s server, these unicorns can be killed for their horns. The horns can then be grinded up with a pestle and mortar and made into unicorn horn dust. This dust is used to make antipoison and super antipoison potions.

7. General Store - This is the general store. It isn�t selling anything unusual compared to other general stores. If you aren�t aware of what I mean by usual, then here is a picture of what is in the store.

Also, if you walk up the ladder and look around, you will see a range against the southern wall behind a table.

This range can be very useful if you have raw food and your about to go on a trip into the wilderness. You can simply stop by the range and cook whatever it is you have. Also, this range is fairly close to a bank, so you may want to consider cooking mass amounts of food here just for pure experience.