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4 December 2006 - Treasure Trails, spiders and sheep December 6, 2006
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RuneScape players, dust off your spades, gather up your items and practice your emotes: new treasure trails are here! Emote-based treasure trails have been added to the types of trail available by the shifty-looking Uri and his team of agents. These will be dropped from now on amongst the existing clues you have grown to know and love. Uri's clues will tell you where to go, what to wear and which emote he wants to see you perform in order to advance the treasure trail.

If you're lucky, your reward may include some of the new items, such as elegant clothing, new versions of old amulets, shirts featuring Bob the cat, full helmets bearing the heraldry that adorns the kiteshields already available and composite bows. The luckiest players will be given items from the 3rd Age sets, which cover all combat styles and consist of level 65 armors whose stats justify the rarity of their appearance.

Are you feeling lucky? Read all about the new items, and get details on the emote trails in the Knowledge Base today! Everyone, get trailing!

As you trek about the world searching for treasure, don't forget to pause and take a look at the creatures that have been updated. New, shiny, woolly and scuttley versions of sheep and spiders have appeared today with the aim of brightening up the landscape. The ogre city of Gu'Tanoth has also had a makeover, as have the Watchtower Wizards and the arcane machinery they guard. So whatever you do, don't forget to take time out from the digging and dancing to take a look!

In other news...

The mighty Guthix, in his wisdom, has decided that it is now safe for his Tears to award Hunter XP to adventurers for whom that is their lowest skill.

A bug has been fixed that prevented players from moving for a moment after arriving on Entrana.

The Rock Golem random event has grown tired of sitting behind rocks and glaring at pesky human miners, and has started training his Ranged skill. He's now talented enough to chuck rocks at anyone who annoys him, so watch out for stony missiles when you're mining!

The special attack of the Granite Maul has had a bug fixed that was draining too much of players' special attack energy while only performing one attack if they accidentally double-clicked on the bar.

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More Runescape Updates :-) December 4, 2006
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1 December 2006 - Behind the Scenes - December

This month, we will kick straight off with a new batch of treasure trails, featuring new challenges based on emotes and items to get you to that crucial next part of the trail. High level trails will require even more thought, but this batch will also come with a huge new set of more than 100 rewards, featuring composite bows, high level prayer gear and new high quality versions of old favourites, such as glory amulets. We're also going to release heraldic helms to go with your armour and some really rather glorious looking posh and emote-improving gear.

All this, and we haven't even mentioned the utterly unmentionable Third Age items! Items that will be even more difficult to obtain than a Champions Scroll from a pesky imp! Items that will be more sparkling than a wizard's lucky bead! Items so... ahem. Well, we'll let you find that out for yourself.

Reldo and his Knowledge Base team will also be releasing more of the popular area guides to places like Tirannwn, Gu'Tanoth, Morytania, the Kharidian Desert and Ape Atoll, as well as updating some of the older quests to use the Quest Help system.

Speaking of quests, this month's adventure will be an archetypal damsel in distress quest. Sort of. Well, it's going to have a damsel in it, and she'll in a spot of trouble... as anyone would be if they had taken up residence inside Draynor Manor. Will you stop by later this month to assist her with a rather poultry matter? Those who do are bound to find a use for her and her rather odd interpretation of Animal Magnetism.

We will also release a festive edition of the gallery, featuring some of your Christmassy submissions (keep sending them in), plus a few rather special comics. Naturally, Postie Pete's been especially busy preparing for the Christmas rush, but he tells us that he'll still be preparing another batch of letters for your yuletide enjoyment.

The ogres have been petitioning Bandos for a while for a new look fortress, and this December they will get it! He has agreed to give the city of Gu'Tanoth a lick of paint and a spot of spring cleaning, so keep your eyes peeled for a general area improvement of this mysterious, yet rather thuggish place.

And finally, the Christmas Update! This year, the little known Shanty Claws (the Sailor Werewolf) has heard terrible stories about evil activities underneath Karamja Volcano. Apparently children are going missing in the area, and for some strange reason, snow is predicted for the first time on this tropical island! What is really going on here? Are the TzHaar to blame, or is something more sinister up to some rather goblinny tricks? When this update is released later in the month, members and non-members alike will be welcome to join and earn a new seasonal object, and members will receive an additional treat for their player-owned houses.

We hope that your holiday breaks bring you happiness and celebrations, wherever you are!

29 November 2006 - Website Maintenance

We are currently in the process of upgrading our recovery answers systems.

During this time players will not be able to recover accounts and set or cancel recovery answers.

We appreciate your patience while the changes are taking place.

This will not affect users trying to login to the game.

28 November 2006 - Postbag from the Hedge

RuneScape's mail service is second to none, as many of you will know: Postie Pete goes about his job with a cheerful grin and many a joke on his, err, lips. He may only be a head with a bag and a hat, but no one knows how to get around the lands of RuneScape like Postie Pete. He's been working hard again, and now he brings you the latest replies from such diverse characters as the Evil Chicken, Miss Schism, Burnt Meat the troll and Reldo. On top of that, he's even managed to snag another of the Wise Old Man's Wise Old Tips!

As always, Pete enjoys taking your letters into caves, houses, swamps and graveyards, so don't hesitate to put your quill to paper.

Click here to check out November's Postbag from the Hedge.

Eagles' Peak

It had been a tough month at Ardougne Zoo. Word had come from Matthias, the falconer, that a Hunter skill was coming, and the keepers knew they had to do something to keep the zoo interesting. A new exhibit, it had been decided, was needed to draw the crowds away from the chinchompa-baiting to the south and Nickolaus - Ardougne's self proclaimed top Hunter - had taken the task upon himself. There was one animal in particular that he believed would keep the zoo bustling and popular. Nickolaus was going to hunt a ferret!
Unfortunately, not everything has gone according to plan. After setting out for the far western reaches, somewhere between the Piscatoris Fishing Colony and the Tree Gnome Stronghold, nothing more has been heard from the zoo's eccentric associate. Can you help to find Nickolaus? Has his disappearance got anything to do with the fabled Eagles' Peak? And what does all this have to do with rabbits?

Visit Charlie, one of the keepers at Ardougne Zoo, to begin a quest that will no doubt involve a spot of dressing-up, elaborate trials and several additions to your Hunter skill!

In other news...

The Sandwich Lady went through a traumatic experience last week when she decided that the Drunken Dwarf had been stationary too long and needed a visit. Five hours of "kebab, please!" later, the frustrated and shaken Sandwich Lady has decided to make her interface a little more accessible by adding a menu that will help customers identify her wares. Hopefully, this will stop beer-swilling dwarves from making the same mistake again. Hopefully!

When you kill someone who's using the Retribution prayer, you're supposed to take a little damage as a penalty for killing them. However, it's previously been quite easy to avoid this damage by running away. It won't be quite so easy now.

The graphical improvement for sheep and spiders has had to be postponed by a few days. But don't despair - those critters will get their promised makeover next week.

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Hunter Skill and Imp Updates!! November 28, 2006
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21 November 2006 - HUNTER SKILL!

Like a seasoned Hunter, skulking behind trees and keeping unseen, the Hunter skill has waited for the right moment and pounced. That's right - after many months of patient tracking - the Hunter skill is upon us! Those stealthy and bold enough to become a master of the Hunter skill should begin at Yanille or Nardah. Marked by animal-skin icons on the minimap, two Hunter shops have taken up premises, selling the wares necessary to begin. A quick browse and shop for bird snares, teasing sticks and magical imp boxes, amongst others, will put you in fine stead for the adventures ahead! Who knows, you may even encounter Leon, an amateur inventor who has found a bow-dacious use for animal bones...

Ready to hunt and laden with animal traps, you will now be looking for somewhere to start your training. The Hunter skill comes with three brand new and vast areas, all denoted by the animal paw icon on the minimap. A quick scurry past the ogres of Gu'Tanoth and over the Feldip Hills will lead to the Feldip Jungle, teeming with explosive chinchompas, spined larupia and various other beasties. A trek past Rellekka, toward Trollweiss Mountain, will reveal the fearsome sabretooth kyatt and cohorts, while the grounds north of the Gnome Stronghold, now connected to the Piscatoris Fishing Colony, will open up - amongst others - Matthias's magnificent falconry area!

Phew! This lengthy list does not even include the Hunter area near Uzer, nor the graahk stomping grounds round Cairn Isle, or the salamander and lizard trapping areas scattered throughout the world. See the Knowledge Base article for an extensive list of where you can test your abilities.

The Hunter skill brings with it not only new areas, but new experiences. Watch your falcon swoop after dashing kebbits. Jump over pits as you lure unwitting sabretooth kyatts into them. Scour the plains for butterflies with a net and jar in tow. Master the patient, yet rewarding, technique of animal tracking. These diverse abilities will be available to you as your Hunter skill develops.

As any esteemed Hunter will tell you, the thrill of the chase is also about the reward, and a career of hunting will provide you with so many. Arm yourself with the chinchompa, an explosive rodent that can be thrown long distances! Aid your battle-weary friends with stat-boosting butterflies! Load your swamp lizard and toast enemies with its flame-throwing abilities! Collect or sell the furs of your catches, possibly even making them into weight-reducing capes, gloves for Thieving or full camouflage gear! Oh, and don't forget the imp-in-a-box, who will reluctantly help you when called upon...

So go hunt, stalk your prey stealthily and feel the call of the wild...

Concerning imps and other things...


It would, of course, be improper to leave out the other important updates for this week. As if the Hunter skill weren't impressive enough! That's right, the imps have had their impending makeover early, as a special treat for the impudent little blighters. Little do they know that weeks of being imprisoned in magical boxes lie ahead of them.

Fairy rings

Keen-eyed adventurers may find two new fairy rings that can transport them to two of the more remote Hunter training areas. The codes to access these rings will be published in our Knowledge Base in a few days - we're not doing all the work for you!

A message from Juna

Juna, the ancient snake who guards the Tears of Guthix, wishes it to be known that Guthix, in his wisdom, will not award Hunter XP to adventurers who drink his tears so soon after this skill is released. Anyone who would normally expect to gain Hunter XP as their reward will instead receive the bonus in their second-lowest stat.

When Guthix removes this restriction in early December, it will be announced in a news post.

In other news...

Certain random events that give costumes as rewards will no longer hand out items that players already have stored in their houses' costume rooms.

The attack animations of metallic dragons have been adjusted to fix the glitch that made their chests stretch incorrectly when they attempted to breathe fire.

You can no longer turn yourself into a rock or an egg while trying to pump or pedal the Blast Furnace!

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13 November 2006 - Player gallery and more bank space November 16, 2006
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13 November 2006 - Player gallery and more bank space

This week, the gods of RuneScape take a wee bit of a breather as the scribes and artists bring you their finest work. So what have Reldo, Postie Pete, the Makeover Mage and the Bank of RuneScape been up to?

First up, straight off the presses come the next batch of Area Guides. This time the researchers have been wandering westwards and brought back tales of Kandarin, Karamja and the Void Knights.

Postie Pete, of course, has had a hand (or a chin) in this update as well, bringing together some remarkable art by adventurers, heroes, scoundrels and curs from across the length and breadth of RuneScape. There are some amazing pieces in there, so you'd best put on your cleanest looking-at-artwork suit to visit the Player Gallery.

Reldo has also sent one of King Roald's finest portrait painters to the Makeover Mage to capture some art for the Wallpapers section. It turns out the Mage has been busy updating some creatures, and we can now present you with the artists' work - keep an eye out for these updated NPCs in the future. The sheep are gloriously fluffy; the imps look as mischievous as they behave; the spiders are as terrifying as Evil Dave's Basement of DOOM.

The Bank of RuneScape has used all the revenue they gained from some very clever investments, and have added twenty-four more slots to all members' accounts!

Diango's Halloween problems have also sorted themselves out, so you'll no longer be able to go into the workshop to defeat ghosts. If you've already got your rewards from there, though, Diango will be happy to give them back if you lose them.

We've also made the following changes and bug fixes:

  • Rune pouches don't give you a message when you drop them. Instead, they just empty and fall on the floor.
  • Switching from any other weapon to a staff properly remembers your combat style.
  • Yew and magic trees in farming patches regrow properly when you chop them.
  • You can now take enchanted secateurs to Entrana when you go on a balloon trip there.
  • In Trouble Brewing, you can't drop torches on the floor. This is to stop players dropping them for members of the opposing team, and spoiling their own team's fun.
  • Noted items are back to having a black outline around the picture of the item.
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Many Runescape Updates... November 7, 2006
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6 November 2006 - Enlightened Journey

Auguste the monk is one of the more interesting brothers on Entrana, but the locals don't always like the idea of his "air-brained" schemes. This time he's been working on a plan to lift his spirits to new heights...

In this new quest, you'll be invited to use your skills to help Brother Auguste reach his dreams (and earn you some experience on the way). Unlock a new costume and a brand new transport system, providing you're talented enough to tackle a unique-looking puzzle.

Pack light and travel to the south-west corner of Entrana to meet with Auguste for a thrill-seeking journey across the globe. Keep your eyes open for all sorts of interesting sights on this Enlightened Journey.

Once you have helped Auguste prove his theories, you will have the opportunity to help him expand his enterprise all over RuneScape, so long as you have the talent and the materials to get you there...

In other news...

A new farming patch has been added to the Gnome Stronghold for growing trees. It's west of the agility course, near the bank. Like the other four tree patches, this one has an obliging gardener willing to look after your saplings in exchange for a little payment, and also a handy Leprechaun to keep hold of your tools.

When you switch weapons after you've been autocasting spells with a staff, your combat style will now attempt to stay on the last melee combat mode you selected rather than always defaulting to the Defensive mode.

The demon butler has been updated to match the other demons.

The special attack of the rune throwing axe will no longer "steal" other people's random event monsters from combat, causing them to attack you.

Runecrafting pouches have always automatically emptied themselves when you drop them on the ground. We have now added a warning message to ask if you're sure you wish to drop them.

Trimmed wizard hats have been updated to match the change that was made to the untrimmed versions a couple of weeks ago.

The trimmed Cape of Achievement for Woodcutting had a bug where it would change its colour to match your character's leggings. This has now been fixed.

2 November 2006 - New Payment Option - US PayBySMS/Text

We are pleased to announce the launch of payment by SMS/Text Message in the United States!

This service is in addition to the existing Pay by Phone option and allows a quick and easy way to get our optional "members game" for those without a credit card.

Payment by SMS/Text Message in the United States costs $9.99 for one month of membership. The higher cost of this payment method covers the additional costs we incur running the convenience of this service.

Please note: Our other existing payment methods are still the same price as before. e.g. subscription via credit-card in the US is still only USD$5.00 a month.

Also please note that boost, T-mobile and Verizon Mobile Phone Companies do not currently support the PaybySMS option in the United States.

All US customers who wish to subscribe using PayBySMS/Text can now do so by clicking the 'Start a new subscription' link from our front page. For more information about Payment by SMS/Text message, please click here.

We are constantly looking to make our PayByPhone and PayBySMS/Text Message payment option available for more countries. If these payment options are not yet available in your country, be sure to check the latest news and announcements regularly.

1 November 2006 - Behind the Scenes - November

Welcome to November's Behind the Scenes article!

First to be released this month, we have Enlightened Journey. Rumours from Entrana suggest that one of the monks has an even greater desire to rise to the heavens than the others. In fact, his desire is so great that he is planning to make a hot air balloon! An experiment like that will need the expert help of an adventurer, so later this month don't be surprised if you get invited to join Auguste on a trip across the world.

Watch out for trouble from the locals and a unique puzzle to tax your brain. For those who can keep their heads above the clouds, a rather nice reward awaits...

We're also updating the website with a plethora of new area guides! About 20 new guides in total will be launched including the Void Knight Outpost, Brimhaven dungeon, Isafdar and the TzHaar City. Along with this we will also be launching a new set of wallpapers, another popular gallery page (for which the Postie is eternally grateful) and, of course, a new set of readers' letters.

After that little lot, we'll be giving you something we know all our members will be happy about: More bank space! We will be adding another three rows to the bank so you can store even more - erm - stuff! Hopefully, many of you are also using the new costume room (released last month) to store your costumes in, so you'll find you've got even more room to keep all of your gear.

Now, we know what you're thinking: "What on RuneScape can I do with all that new bank space?"
Well, how about we release lots of new equipment and objects for you to store, and perhaps even use with a shiny new skill? Yes, towards the end of the month we will be releasing the Hunter skill.

This new addition to the RuneScape skill list gives the player the opportunity to track, net, trap and generally scare the fur right off a brand new range of creatures! Hundreds of new objects and large areas of the map will now be opened up to you to explore and lay in wait for these pesky varmints. Rewards range from brand new weapons and armour all the way to your own imp in a box.

Speaking of imps, they are due to go "under the knife" this month, along with spiders and sheep. These three beasties have somehow barged their way to the front of the queue and will be receiving the full treatment from the Makeover Mage and his (or her) team of surgeons. Naturally, this means all of the spiders will be getting a new look, so be prepared for some rather scary legs to be creeping round a forest / jungle / ice plateau / cavern near you.

And finally this month, we release our second quest: Eagles' Peak. This exciting update is focused around the Hunter skill again, inviting the player to learn more about the mysterious disappearance of one of Ardougne Zoo's freelance specimen hunters. After promising them the delivery of a rare ferret the poor chap set out to the far western reaches, somewhere between the Piscatoris Fishing Colony and the Tree Gnome Stronghold. Something strange must have happened to him, though, as he has been missing for days! Will you be able to use your new-found skills to track him down?

Don't forget: The Halloween update will be taken down on the 13th of November, so don't delay - get your pumpkin hats today!

30 October 2006 - Halloween Event - for ALL players!

The time is here once again; the evenings are drawing in, the pumpkins have been carved, and RuneScape is once more filled with seasonal spookiness!

Halloween this year brings problems for Diango in his workshop in the form of enough poltergeists to fill a gnomeball stadium. The evil tree that seems to keep eating passers-by in the middle of the room is also cause for some concern.

Rewards to be had for combating this spectral and... err... woody threat include a full Halloween costume and a Jack o'Lantern helmet. It doesn't matter if you are a member or not, as all of the prizes are available to both members and non-members. For those of you who were not here last year, the 'Scared' emote is also back, but try not to get too frightened!

After the event is done, you'll find that Diango's new holiday item recovery system will also make getting your bobble hats back for winter a lot simpler. It will also cover the recovery of almost all of the holiday event items that you would have to otherwise go looking all over the place for.

Speak to Diango by his stall in Draynor to start this year's Halloween event.

Don't forget to check the Knowledge Base for more information.

In other news...

If you've got a Bank PIN, you will now be asked to enter it before removing items from your house's costume room, in much the same way that you enter it before removing items from your RuneScape bank account.

If you haven't got a Bank PIN and you'd like to set one, visit your local branch of the Bank of RuneScape and speak to the bankers today!
We'd like to remind you all once again that the Bank PIN is NOT a substitute for other forms of account security, and players still need to make sure no-one finds out their passwords. Visit our Knowledge Base to learn about keeping your account secure.

30 October 2006 - Postbag from the Hedge

It's October, and Postie Pete has been hopping around the world again collecting replies to your questions! This month we look at why rats run widdershins, ask chaos dwarves how they remain so cool, and finally we get that long-awaited reply from the Wise Old Man!

Click here to see what they have to say for themselves.

23 October 2006 - Would you like to see My Arm?

Trolls have never been renowned as farmers. But Burntmeat the troll cook has heard a rumour that humans are able to grow goutweed, and he's keen to give it a try. In the kitchen of the Troll Stronghold, Burntmeat is hoping for a kind adventurer to teach his assistant this skill.

If you've done Eadgar's Ruse and The Feud, come back to the Troll Stronghold and meet My Arm, Burntmeat's exasperating young assistant. With My Arm by your side, prepare for a memorable voyage to sunny Karamja as you discover exactly how stupid a troll can be! This bizarre quest features jungle villagers, seafarers, dung and trolls aplenty.

If you can survive all that and help My Arm grow his own goutweed, you'll earn yourself a nice xp reward, plus a little something to help you get more out of the Farming skill.

But watch out for an encounter with the biggest bird ever seen in RuneScape...

A note about the Quest Point Cape:

Now that we've just released a new quest, all the players who'd got the new QP cape or hood will find that they've no longer got the right to wear these items since they haven't got all the available quest points. If you were wearing the QP cape or hood when you logged off before the update, the items will try to take themselves off you when you log back in.

If there was not sufficient space in your inventory or bank for the items to appear, you will be able to retrieve them from the Wise Old Man of Draynor Village free of charge. You will be able to wear them again as soon as you have the maximum possible number of quest points.

In other news...

The new Fletching cape is now available from Hickton in Catherby rather than the Ranging Guild. This allows players with level 99 fletching to buy the cape even if they have never gained access to the Guild.

If you have completed Darkness of Hallowvale and One Small Favour, you can now save an extra bankspace by storing the Meiyerditch short-cut key on your keyring.

Players who have completed the Rag and Bone Man quest, but who have not yet found all the bones on the wish-list, will now see a little yellow asterisk (*) on their quest list to remind them that they still have more work to do if they want to earn all the quest points available from the Odd Old Man.

Many people have requested that costumes stored in their houses' costume rooms should be protected in some way by the Bank PIN system. Although we have not yet made this change, we are working on it, and it should be released in the near future.
In the meantime, we'd like to remind you all that the Bank PIN is NOT a substitute for other forms of account security, and players still need to make sure no-one finds out their passwords. Visit our Knowledge Base to learn about keeping your account secure.

18 October 2006 - Capes of Achievement... and Goats!

Are you one of the hottest firemakers? Craftier than a clockwork cat? Bit of a wiz at wizardry? Try out our new Capes of Achievement today!

Experts across RuneScape are now selling these stylish new additions to your wardrobe... but watch out! Only players who have reached level 99 of a specific skill or completed all of the quests will have the right to wear the latest in-game fashion and gain access to a funky new emote to show off their new cape!

Each cape comes with a matching hood, and if you've mastered more than one skill, a trimmed model will highlight your talent. So whatever skills your achievements lie in, you can show off your dedication with these elite new items. For those of you who still wonder about reaching level 100 ... there's a sneaky boost to your stat on each cape, temporarily giving you the effects of that unattainable century!

To find out where you can buy one, wander over to the Knowledge Base article.

This week also sees the release of a tough, new breed of animals. Herds of Desert Goats can now be found wandering around the Kharidian - um - Desert. Now there's a surprise!

Intrepid explorers who go hunting for these bleating beasts will find that they can collect goat horns, which, when powdered and mixed with Harralander, can make a new Combat potion. This magical (level 36) elixir combines the properties of a basic Attack Potion and Strength potion, so it's a handy addition to your inventory when heading into difficult combat situations.

Warning: Goats and the desert effect can be bad for your health!

Player-Owned House Costume Room

Do you love to collect different outfits for your character but have trouble finding room for them all in your bank? Is your local banker buried under a heap of lederhosen and frog masks? Your problems are solved!

From now on, if you have level 42 Construction, you can add a costume room to your house. Chests, wardrobes and cape racks in this room can be used to store many of the ensembles you can acquire around RuneScape, including:

  • Treasure trail reward costumes
  • Random event reward costumes
  • Minigame reward costumes (such as Castle Wars armour)
  • Quest reward costumes (such as Temple Knight armour)
  • Recent holiday event rewards - you will find that the room automatically stores any holiday event reward you are entitled to!
  • Plus, of course, the new Capes of Achievement!

Naturally, bigger, higher quality pieces of furniture in this room can store more stuff.

Please consult the Knowledge Base article for the complete list of storable costumes.

In other news...

As always, we've been working hard behind the scenes to fix glitches in the game. This week, among many other minor bugfixes, watch out for the following changes:

  • Higher-level slayers may be pleased to hear that Duradel, the Slayer Master of Shilo Village, has finally restored Nechryael to his list of assignments.
  • Giant rats, bats and bears have had their models and animations upgraded.
  • Ever since the update to the combat interfaces, your attack style would be reset to Accurate mode if you switched weapons to a magic staff. This will no longer happen unless there is no appropriate attack style available on the staff to match your previous mode.
Posted by: Zero
October 11th, 2006 - Players' Gallery and Wallpapers October 13, 2006
The following is a direct quote from

For the past two months Postie Pete has been struggling to our gates with sackfuls of your fantastic artwork. Sculptures, paintings and etchings have been flooding in at a rate that has made even Pete sweat. He has collected together some of those that made him go "oooh", "aaah" or even made him chuckle a little. These fantastic creations are now available for viewing within the Players' Gallery.

The high-standard of work has made us want to return the favour, so we have cleaned our brushes, paid Aggie for a few vials of dye and made some of our own. So, available for download to your desktop, are six sparkling wallpapers for your viewing pleasure.

Will you dare go eyeballs to eyeball with the dreaded 'penance healers', who posed for this wallpaper between training for one of next year's updates, Barbarian Assault? Will you choose to marvel at the revised look of the rats, bears and elementals with our concept art? Or will you be sipping at a Blurberry Special in the gnome restaurant? The choice is yours.

In other news...

The far-flung areas of RuneScape have allowed our writers in to explore for another batch of Area Guides. We have been mapping the dungeons, tasting the cuisine and chatting to various characters to give a comprehensive guide of what to expect in such treacherous areas as Waterbirth Island, the Falador Mole Lair and the Cave Goblin Mines.

Following the teleportation jewellery changes of last week, we have made another clutch of items usable while they are worn. The following can now be used with a simple right-click on the item and choosing the Operate option: the blessed silver sickle, the progress hat from the Mage Training Area, Prayer books, the Amulet of Catspeak, rubber chickens and the Nature Amulet.

There has also been a slight name change to the magic staff reward received from the White Knights. It is now called a 'white magic staff'.

Posted by: Zero
Elemental Workshop II Quest Guide! October 9, 2006

We've finally uploaded the Elemental Workshop II quest guide! A big thanks goes out to beud4500, Steve, and anyone who helped write this great guide!

Posted by: Zero
Two Runescape Updates! October 2, 2006
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2 October 2006 - Elemental Workshop II

The scholars of the Digsite have been cataloguing their library and have stumbled upon another book talking about the strange machinery found underneath Seers' Village. Unable to decipher the technical nature of the book, the scholars invite anyone with experience of this elemental workshop to take up the challenge themselves.

Will you follow in the steps of the great metallurgist Vitruvius? Dare you try to rediscover his lost arts, or will you suffer the same fate as his apprentice? New armour and new ways to treat your Elemental ore are on offer to those brave enough to think out this new chapter of history...

In other news...

In response to feedback from players over the last week, we've adjusted the new interfaces to make them easier to use. In particular, the Run button has been moved to the bottom of the Options interface so that it's more convenient to click. The buttons have also been redesigned to make it more obvious exactly where you can click to toggle them.

The stats interface has returned to its old yellow colour since people were having trouble reading the orange version.

We've also fixed the bug whereby you could no longer get defence xp while autocasting magic spells.

You can now operate teleportation jewellery while you're wearing it! Just right-click on the item and choose the new Operate option. Do bear in mind that you'll have to click through the same "where would you like to go?" options as before, so it won't make it any easier for you to evade pkers.

The clickable areas on the spinning wheel interface have been enlarged to make them easier to use.

2 October 2006 - Behind the Scenes - October

Hello, and welcome to another exciting Behind the Scenes article.

It's October already, and Diango and his fairies are beginning to wonder where the year has gone. In order to make enough toys ready for Christmas, Diango’s shipped in as many raw materials as he can, including some of the wood from the haunted forest around Draynor Manor. What trouble can be caused by a few confused poltergeists? Will you be able to clean out the haunted workshop? Pick up your ghost-busting gear later on this month, and you might even earn yourself a spooky reward in this year's Halloween update.

Also in October, Player-Owned Houses will get their first update since launch, with the all new costume room! Build magic wardrobes and treasure chests, and free up some space in the bank! Players will be able to store all their favourite random event costumes, special treasure trail outfits and even some of the odd little toys they've picked up on your travels over the years. More information will follow later this month.

As well as all of your funky costumes, the POH addition will also be able to store one of our other releases this month... the awe inspiring “Capes of Achie vement”. Yes, players who have reached the awesome status of having level 99 in a skill or completing all of the released quests will soon earn the right to wear a special cape. Each cape - one for each skill plus one for the quests - will be available in mono-colour or with a trim. Each cape also comes with its own special (and unique) animation, as well as a slight boost to its associated stat. The capes themselves look stunning, and will complement the outfits of even the flashiest adventurers.

Player will also be able to explore the next level to the strange dungeon in Seers' Village this month, with the launch of Elemental Workshop Part 2. A new book has turned up talking about the mysteries of the “Elemental Helm”. What puzzles await? Only those with a logical mind should find out...

Also this month, we see the next batch of our NPC improvements. After the dragons, giants and demons got the full treatment last month, a few of our other beasts got jealous and joined the queue to the Makeover Mage's patented “upgrade-a-race-o-matic”. What will the bears, rats and bats look like after he (or she) has woven her (or his) magic? Well, you’ll be able to find out sooner that you think, because we're releasing a range of wallpapers to support this interesting project. More to come soon!

My Arm is tired. He’s tried planting spades and even dwarves, but nothing seems to be working. Clearly My Arm doesn’t know enough about what the humans call “farming”.

Confused? You will be when you’re asked to accompany trolls across the map in search of the fabled goutweed. Where will My Arm take you next? Find out later this month!

The Knowledge Base gets some serious updates later this month, with the next round of Area Guides, a new postbag, and of course, the players' artwork gallery.

With some other small improvements like new desert goats and a new potion, you’ll always find something new to do in October!

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Lot's of Runescape Updates! September 27, 2006
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27 September 2006 - Postbag from the Hedge

In this month's edition of the postbag, we have the answers to all those questions that have been bothering you for so long:

Who's the better swordsman - Vannaka or Harrallak Menarous? Where did Baba Yaga get that amazing house? Why do hill giants keep their boxer shorts so shiny and clean? Plus a poem from a crab, and much more...

Don't forget to keep sending us your artwork for the forthcoming Gallery!

27 September 2006 - Skill Tutors

This week the Duke of Lumbridge has recruited a number of tutors to help our new players, both F2P and members. Adventurers fresh from Tutorial Island can often find themselves a bit lost in Lumbridge, so he decided to offer a bit of a helping hand.

The tutors (marked with a "?" icon on your minimap) are mostly based in Lumbridge, with just one residing in Varrock. As well as offering free advice on skills at any level, they also give you basic equipment should you lose it and even some training weapons and basic supplies.
Other additions include:

  • A Lumbridge bank, found at the top of Lumbridge Castle.
  • A revamp of the way signposts work.
  • A glassblower on Entrana.
  • An improved Newcomer map - to offer more information on where you are in the world.
    Available from certain General Stores.
  • Useful reminders on what to do if you should happen to die while young.
  • A free teleport to help the lost adventurer who has no clue where they are.
    Please note – this teleport cannot be used to evade combat.

Along with the new guides you'll find the swamps south of Lumbridge have received a bit of landscaping with more rocks being exposed for mining, new fishing spots in the river and Father Uhrney moving his hut even further away from the hustle and bustle of city life. With all this recent tectonic movement going on, a small island has appeared in the middle of the River Lum enabling those crossbow-equipped adventurers to cross to Al Kharid and back.

27 September 2006 - Player interfaces

We've now been able to rework some of the core interfaces used for controlling your character. The combat, worn-items and options interfaces have been completely changed, getting away from the old designs which featured text on tiny buttons and replacing them with clearer graphics.

Naturally these changes will take you a little while to get used to, so please check out the Knowledge Base page that explains what's happened before you do something dangerous like rushing into the Kalphite Queen's hive...

27 September 2006 - Area Sounds

The way we use sound in the free and members' worlds gets its well deserved update this week with the inclusion of Area Sounds. These ambient effects add a new level of immersion into our game world, with waterfalls growing louder as you walk towards them, trees with birds and animal sounds in them, bubbling fountains, wind whistling through the mountains, the sound of the sea lapping against the shore and mysterious howls haunting the peaks of the Wilderness. It really does add a new dimension to the game.

As well as new ambient sounds, you'll also notice you can hear a lot more of what other people are doing around you, especially when they're fighting.

We hope you enjoy them as much as we have enjoyed developing them.

In other news...

Along with the area sounds, interface updates and new tutors, we've been busily improving existing features of the game. This week:

  • Adventurers who have defeated the terrible Iban and obtained his staff may use its new right-click option to check how many charges it has.
    Don't forget - it takes one charge to cast Iban Blast on a monster but two to cast it on another player.
  • Baby dragons have now shrunk slightly to solve the problem where their heads rendered incorrectly when they leant forwards. This doesn't affect their stats.
  • Rune and Adamant boots now have a +2 and +1 strength bonus respectively.
  • The random junk you occasionally found in chests and crates around the world has now been removed. Members can still get all those items from sources such as the Trawler, the HAM cave and the Digsite.
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2 Quest Guides Uploaded! September 26, 2006

Two quest guides have been uploaded! Thanks to beud4500 for the Enakhra's Lament, and A Soul's Bane quest guide!

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Recipe for Disaster Quest! September 24, 2006

Another one of beud4500's great guides has been uploaded! Let's all thank him for the Recipe for Disaster quest guide!

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Slug Menace Quest Guide! September 22, 2006

The most recent quest, Slug Menace, has been uploaded on the site! Thanks to beud4500 for the prompt, and great guide!

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2 Quest Guides Uploaded! September 21, 2006

Another 2 quest guides have been uploaded on the site! Thanks to beud4500 for the Death to the Dorgeshuun quest guide, and the Fairy Tales Part 2 - (Cure a Queen) Quest Guide!

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Darkness of Hallowvale Quest Guide! September 20, 2006

The Darkness of Hallowvale quest guide has been uploaded! Thanks to beud4500 for another great guide!

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20 September 2006 - Slug Menace September 20, 2006
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For Holgart, the peaceful village of Witchaven was the perfect place to retire and spend the rest of his days fishing. Sadly, some greedy merchant decided to build a huge fishing platform right in front of them, killing off the livelihood of every fisherman in the village. Many adventurers have already visited the platform and its strange guests, but little has been done about their strange powers... until now.

Despite the fact that most of the population of nearby Ardougne had forgotten the village even existed, Mayor Hobb is a proud and resourceful man who will not leave the glory of Witchaven to the history books. Is he responsible for the sudden rise in activity in the area, or is there some other power at work here?

Whatever it may be, it's the perfect opportunity for the Temple Knights to send out their most promising initiate for a spot of investigation and possibly a little heroic evil-destroying action. Will you be able to resist the darkness that lurks in the murky waters? Where does your destiny lie? Only those brave enough to tackle the Slug Menace are likely find out... one way or another.

Keen Temple Knight recruits should know that the rank of Proselyte will be available to anyone who can complete the mission, as well as access to a new set of armour.

Report to Sir Tiffy in Falador park for more information regarding this hypnotic adventure...

In other news...

Along with Slug Menace and the game engine upgrades we mentioned in previous announcements, we've also adjusted a few game features that needed attention. In particular:

  • Duradel, the Slayer Master in Shilo Village, has been persuaded to rethink the assignments he sets. He's dropped the weaker monsters from his list, so experienced adventurers may find him much more likely to set them a challenge worthy of their combat skills.
  • If you're smelting iron ore with a ring of forging, you'll now automatically stop when the ring melts.
  • We've fixed a bug where some of the Vyrewatch kit was the wrong colour.
  • When you cast a spell at a monster, it should now flinch in pain instead of just standing impassively and glaring at you.
  • South of the Barrows, the Burgh de Rott fence has been extended as far as the Vyrewall so that unwary adventurers won't wander unexpectedly into the nasty Vampyre Juvinates that roam that region.
    This being Morytania, the fence is falling down already, and anyone who's reaching the end of In Aid of the Myreque will be able to find a way through.
    If you're stuck behind the fence with the vampyres, don't worry - you will be able to climb out to freedom.
  • We've added a bit more variety to the sound of woodcutting!
  • The interface you see when you use a spinning wheel has been enlarged to make room for future spinnable items. Along with this we've added an option for spinning crossbow strings out of tree roots.
  • The monks who run the ship from Port Sarim to Entrana do not permit you to take gauntlets or hand-armour to their holy island. However adventurers travelling to Entrana through the Abyss were able to take such items onto Entrana via the Law Altar.
    Saradomin has recently tightened up his restrictions, so it is no longer possible to take gauntlets or other armoured hand-wear through the Abyss to Entrana.
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Lunar Diplomacy Quest Guide! September 12, 2006

The Lunar Diplomacy Quest Guide has been added to the site! Thanks to beud4500 for another great guide!

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Darkness of Hallowvale September 5, 2006
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4 September 2006 - Myreque Pt III - Darkness of Hallowvale

The new Myreque base in Burgh de Rott seems to be safe for now, although the loss of Sani and Harold is still keenly felt. Veliaf has organised patrols in the area and is keeping a watchful eye on nearby Vampyre activity. Some of the locals succumb occasionally to the ravages of a nearby Vampyre Juvinate, but without more help, there's little that the Myreque can do.

Or is there?

Veliaf has an ambitious plan to try and gain entry into the Vampyre ruled lands of the Sanguinesti region and the blood tithed ghetto of Meiyerditch. With luck, there may still be some resistance in that dread area. But if there is, it's most likely very well hidden. Navigating the maze-little ghetto of Meiyerditch will take cat-like agility skills and an incredible eye for detail, especially when trying to evade the demanding, ever-watching Vyrewatch who patrol the skies above. If this resistance exists, and with your help, there maybe a chance to pull back the Darkness of Hallowvale.

In other news...

The small fishing village of Witchaven has been added to the map, just east of Ardougne. It has lost all its trade since the construction of the nearby fishing platform, and the villagers are getting desperate. But there's something very fishy going on... you'll have your chance to investigate the secrets of that village later this month.

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Postbag from the Hedge, Demons, Dragons, and Giants, Knowledge Base Update, September Behind The Scenes September 1, 2006
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1 September 2006 - Behind the Scenes - September

Yes, September is here already and we've filled it with some really exciting stuff!

We kick off the month with the next chapter of the Morytania storyline. The new Myreque base in Burgh de Rott seems to be safe for now, although some of the locals still succumb to the ravages of nearby Vampyres. Without more help, surely there's nothing that the Myreque can do?

Or is there?

Veliaf has an ambitious plan to try and gain entry into the Vampyre-ruled lands of the Sanguinesti region. With some small amount of luck, there may still be some resistance hidden away in the murky depths... The ghetto of Meiyerditch has been built, destroyed and rebuilt so many times that the streets and alleyways connect to the roofs in a maze-like web of broken doorways and shattered dreams. Only an adventurer with the agility skills of a cat and the eyes of a hawk will be able to take on this task, especially when trying to evade the demanding, ever-watching Vyrewatch who patrol the skies above...

The free world and the members' world alike will benefit from the introduction of the Lumbridge Guides, a collection of experts in the skills of RuneScape. New players will find them a very useful source of information, especially when they are giving out limited numbers of free runes and arrows and replacing your low-level starting equipment if you lose it. We're also introducing a free teleport for less experienced players to return to Lumbridge if they get lost, and some useful advice if you find yourself at the wrong end of a goblin spear... The guides offer advice to more experienced players too, so you might find one or two level-up messages advising you to go and get more information from these guides. Take it or leave it, they will always be there if you get a little confused.

We're also updating the way signposts work, just to give you a little more information about the game map.

The way we use sound in the free and members' games will be getting another massive boost from the inclusion of area sounds. These area sounds add a new level of immersion into our game world, with waterfalls growing louder as you walk towards them, trees with birds and animal sounds in them, bubbling fountains, wind whistling through the mountains, the sound of the sea lapping against the shore and mysterious howls haunting the peaks of the Wilderness. It really does add a new dimension to the game, and we have enjoyed developing them immensely.

Also this month, we will introduce the Village of Witchaven to the map. This small fishing village, located on the outskirts of Ardougne (Can you say "Arr-Doy-N"?) has lost all its trade since the construction of the nearby fishing platform. As you may be aware, the fishing platform itself has since been taken over by vicious mind-controlling sea slugs. Naturally this rather odd turn of events has attracted the attention of the Temple Knights, a secretive organisation with whom some of you may have worked before.

Can you discover the ancient power hidden behind this wall of slugs, or have the fisherman on the platform just drunk too much “rum”? The village will surely fall... unless you can save its livelihood. This new horror-inspired quest launch will be accompanied by a complete rework of the fishing platform itself, and more!

We will be adding other useful characters around the world to help with specific skills or tasks. Keep a look out for characters like Fritz the Entrana glassblower, who can teach you all about... you've guessed it... Monkeys! No, he actually knows all about glassblowing, and might even buy your molten glass off you if you ask him really nicely.

As the Postbag goes from strength to strength, we are introducing a new feature to Postie Pete's bag, called The Gallery. This collection of player art will be available for all to see and enjoy. Already the quality of pictures we're getting in is amazing. No doubt Pete will be a busy little, erm, postman this month!

We're also completing another batch of essential maintenance work on our game engine and language. These updates allow us to work on more interesting and exciting content in the future.

Happy adventuring!

31 August 2006 - Knowledge Base update - Area Guides

Reldo and a few dozen other educated types have been slaving for months to find out all they can about every town, city, dungeon and major island in RuneScape, and now they're ready to show you the results of their labours. During this time even Evil Bob stopped bothering them, because - no matter how evil he is - Evil Bob knew how utterly amazing their project would be. Yes, the Area Guides have arrived in the Knowledge Base, and both Bob and Evil Bob are most pleased!

For now, we have the free areas covered, so there are guides to:

* Al Kharid
* Asgarnian Ice Dungeon (the Blurite Mine)
* Barbarian Village
* Crandor
* Crandor and Karamja Dungeon
* Draynor Village and Manor
* Edgeville
* Edgeville Dungeon
* Falador
* Lava Maze
* Lumbridge
* Lumbridge Swamp
* Port Sarim
* Rimmington
* Varrock
* Varrock Sewers

Each area guide includes: a little history and culture, maps of the area, a detailed run-down of all the interesting features and sights, the local personalities, the quests that can be started there, the beasties and guards you can fight, and much more.

The Knowledge Base is a very useful tool for new and experienced players alike, and is always being updated. Why not take a look and see for yourself?

Coming Soon to the Area Guides:

* The frozen lands of the Fremennik
* Tree Gnome Stronghold
* Keldagrim

Happy adventuring!

29 August 2006 - Demons, Dragons and Giants

This week we have given some of our more popular creatures a bit of a make-over. We had noticed that while all our new monsters and villains were improving all the time, it meant that some of the old favourites were looking a little tired and neglected. Nothing quite brings out the sparkle in the KBD's eyes (all 6 of them) like a well deserved trip to the Ardougne training area for a workout and a day or two in the mime's make-up department.

Other beasts strutting their new-improved look include:

* Blue, Red, Green and Black dragons
* Fire, Ice, Moss and Hill giants
* Lesser, Greater and Black demons.

Now, don't worry! These beasts still have all the same stats, effects and drops as they had before, so the normal care and attention should be followed if you're going to visit, or you'll be finding yourself in need of a makeover! Anti-dragonbreath shields, pots and food at the ready...

Just as we have in the past, we will continue to improve the graphics of the older areas of the game to keep them up to date with the high standard of updates.

Graphical improvements currently being worked on include Bats, Rats and Varrock!

29 August 2006 - Postbag from the Hedge

In the Postbag this month, we hear more from the King Black Dragon about the 'Kin', a belligerent Fremennik replies to a belligerent adventurer, Rocnars get their say and there's something involving peanut butter and jelly.

You all know that Postie Pete likes to read your letters... but he loves to look at your artwork too! Recently he has noticed that quite a few of you are budding artists, and has asked us to put together a new Gallery page to exhibit your work! Although this is a great idea, we don't have quite enough examples to start yet, so get sending them in! We're looking for all sorts of things from all of our community - whether you paint like Leonardo Da Vinci or Rantz the Ogre.
Have you drawn a portrait of the Duke of Lumbridge?
Do you have a cartoon of the Drunken Dwarf?
Have you recently sketched the inner workings of the Elemental Workshop?
Do you have a sculpture of the Kalphite Queen you're just dying to take a picture of?
Have you made your character out of Sticklebricks?
Can you capture the beauty of a Penguin by moonlight?

If so, send your image via email to the address shown at the bottom of the postbag letter.

Happy painting!

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Naming Conventions, New f2p prayers, port to port transport and improved dragon axe August 27, 2006
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22 August 2006 - New f2p prayers, port to port transport and improved dragon axe

New Prayers for Rangers and Mages

Fantastic new accuracy prayers are now available for rangers and mages! The new prayers boost the accuracy of magical and ranged attacks, equivalent to the 'Reflex' prayers for melee. Only one combat style of prayer can be used at a time, but all of them can be used with the defensive prayers, providing a balance of offense and defence.

Rangers can enjoy the accuracy enhancement of the Sharp Eye, Hawk Eye and Eagle Eye prayers, while mages will find their magical attacks improved by Mystic Lore, Mystic Will and Mystic Might. Not only that, but they are available on our Free-to-play worlds too! Don't delay - visit an ingame altar today!

Charter Ships

Why spend ages walking from one end of the world to the other when you can charter a ship?! Take a cruise with Trader Stan and his crew of fashionably (if uncomfortably) attired sailors. They will carry you from port to port for an affordable fee, and sell you goods available from Port Phasmatys to the far-flung elf lands.

Their ships are docked in many popular places including Catherby, Port Sarim, Mos Le'Harmless, Port Phasmatys and more.

Players wishing to reduce the prices to an even lower rate are advised to prove their sailing credentials, and to use whatever powers of persuasion they can muster.

Dragon Axe improved

Until today the dragon axe was only as good at cutting trees as a rune axe. We've now made it slightly better! However we have raised the woodcutting level requirement for chopping trees with this axe to 61.

Bugfix for Bone Crossbows

A bug was fixed with the bone crossbow so that it will no longer fire the old pearl and opal tipped bolts. However it can now use bone bolts, all bare metal bolts up to and including iron and also barbed bolts.

22 August 2006 - Naming conventions

Many objects in the game have brackets in their names to indicate a special feature or function, such as Dragon dagger (p) for a poisoned dragon dagger. Some of the letters used in these brackets meant different things on different items. This got a bit confusing in a few cases:

(s) - either "Saradomin" or "poisoned with super-strong weapon poison"
(p) - either "poisoned" or "permanent"
(u) - either "unstrung" or "unlocked"
(g) - either "Guthix" or "gold-trimmed" or "contains a gold coin"

We've renamed a few items so that the letters can be consistent. Please note that the items themselves haven't changed at all. We've just tweaked their names.

ObjectOld notationNew notation
Weapon with extra-strong poison(+)(p+)
Weapon with super-strong poison(s)(p++)
Ring of Charos(u) = unlocked(a) = activated
Permanent serum from Shades of Mort'tonSerum 207 (p)Serum 208
Blackjack(a) = assault(o) = offensive
Special beer from Recipe for DisasterAsgarnian Ale (g)Asgoldian Ale
Prayer book pagesTorn page (s)Saradomin page
Torn page (z)Zamorak page
Torn page (g)Guthix page

Please note - Some of these changes have already been in the game for a while.
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New Quest Guide August 20, 2006

I've just uploaded beud4500's The Eyes Of Glouphrie Quest Guide. Kudos to beud for some awesome guides!

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Another Guide Fix-up August 16, 2006

I've edited in yet another of Zero's guide fix-ups. The Creature of Frenkenstrain Quest Guide is now updated with lots of pictures and new information. Thanks Zero!

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The Eyes of Glouphrie, Fixed up Quest Guides August 15, 2006
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15 August 2006 - The Eyes of Glouphrie

Since your dealings with Glough and the plot to destroy the Grand Tree, things have been pretty quiet in the gnome world, save the odd escaped Terrorbird or drunken barbarian. Brimstail's not been lazing about though, oh no. He's found a strange machine, built by Oaknock the Engineer during the Golden Age of the Gnome which took place hundreds of years ago. What does the weird device do? Why on RuneScape was it built? What other secrets does it hold?

Agreeing to help fix this mechanical marvel is bound to be the easy part of this plot-rich, history filled quest, where an enquiring mind and an aptitude for puzzles are a must. You'll even get to see some of the most glorious moments of gnomic military strategy!

Can you uncover the new threat (or is it an old one?) to gnome security? Rewards include a useful little crystal tool, which we are sure the constructors out there will enjoy.


I apologize for the recent lack of Runescape updates being posted here, but we're back now.

I've just finished editing another guide fix-up by Zero: The Fishing Contest Quest Guide. I'm hoping to get the submissions board cleaned out, and then start working on some submissions of my own.

Pirate Bob

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Behind the Scenes - August, Gnome Cuisine, updated guide August 14, 2006
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1 August 2006 - Behind the Scenes - August

Welcome to the Behind the Scenes – August edition!

For many of us, August brings sun, holidays, cheap souvenirs and sunburn… but in RuneScape it’s a whole different story! So, in no particular order….

Gnomes on holiday often miss the sweet taste of home - so it's up to you to bring it to them all wrapped up in a gnome delivery bag! Players who have visited Aluft Gianne’s restaurant in the Grand Tree may have offered to help out with orders in the past, but just keeping the restaurant in stock of worm battas and fruit blasts is hardly a challenge for today’s gliding, spirit tree hopping adventurers. So, in August, why not help out with Aluft Junior's Gnomic delivery service? Make the stuff and trek over the world delivering this, erm, “Gnourmet” food and you’ll find you are rewarded with some very interesting gear as well as some vastly improved XP for the actual cooking. If you’re really good, you may be able to get fresh gnome cuisine delivered to you!

Also in the gnome kingdom this month, we dig deep into gnomic history after the discovery of a strange old machine from the era of King Healthorg the Great, whose glittering reign preceded that of King Narnode Shareen. What is its purpose and why didn’t anyone notice it before? What secrets can be unearthed, and will all the gnomes appreciate a human nosing about again? Only time will tell…..

Later this month we release a new batch of prayers, this time adding the ability to temporarily boost your ranged and magic attacks with prayers like “Hawk Eye” and “Mystic Law”. All these new additions will match the existing attack and strength boosting prayers.

In addition to all the above, we also bring you the new sailing transport system. Many of RuneScape’s ports will be connected via a network of high quality sailing vessels. Although the initial cost can be quite heavy, players familiar with piratical ways and those handy in the art of persuasion will find it a lot easier on the wallet. The crew members will no doubt be able to sell you a few choice goods from their travels, so keep a look out for them too.

And finally for the month of August, the Dragons, Giants and Demons have all been at the rehab clinic for the last few months getting a well deserved makeover. Gone will be the flabby bellies and dull claws of the past… we will be saying goodbye to weak-limbed, flailing attacks and hello to the sparkling-eyed, razor-sharp, meaty new look of the future! Demons who actually look like they could destroy you from a badly-directed sneeze are far more fun to fight than ones that, well, don’t. Dragons that swagger as they walk and moss giants with beards that actually are alive are just a few of the magnificent changes we will be making. Don’t worry! We won’t make them tougher.


7 August 2006 - Gnome Cuisine

Gnome Cuisine is well known all over RuneScape for its unusual ingredients and unique flavours. Toad Battas G™ and Worm Crunchies G™ are two of the more popular dishes that most humans turn their noses up at, but for travel-worn gnomes a long way from the Grand Tree, gnomish foods are a sweet taste of home. For too long has the art of gnomish cooking been neglected!

Visitors to the Gnome Stronghold wi ll find a refurbished restaurant area, with new improved recipes (including improved XP and a more streamlined cooking process) for all the gnome foods and cocktails.

Aluft Gianne's entrepreneurial son Aluft jnr. has also set up a new Gnome food delivery business right next to his dad's restaurant. Once trained you will be asked to make and deliver gnome foods to gnomes all over the world. But don't take too long, time is of the essence! After a more challenging delivery, you may find your customers are so pleased that they will give you an extra special tip - maybe some new gnomish explorer's equipment, or standard issue gnome pilot's clothing.

Particularly hard-working cooks and delivery adventurers will also find they are able to call on the delivery service themselves, for even the hardiest of warriors needs a good old helping of gnome cooking from time to time.

(Some lower lvl cooks will find many of the requirements for cooking gnomic cuisine have been raised to support the new amounts of experience points gained.)

There's no place like gnome.


I've added a few pictures to The Wtich's House Quest Guide, thanks to Zero.

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Rune Masters! Top 100 is down. August 7, 2006
Well, for those of you who were wondering why we were down, it's because we once again used 14% CPU usage for 3 days straight (10% is allowed), and our host took us offline, as we were a "risk to their server". This may sound painfully familiar to some of you who have been here a while, however the cause was the Top 100 list. For those of you who remember, we had the Top 100 list online for a while, then took it off, and put it back on. When it was taken off, it used 14% usage and we had to get rid of it. We put it back online recently because they updated the Topsites list version and used cached buttons, and we believed it would use less resources, and therefore be alright to host. We were wrong.

So, the Rune Masters! Top 100 is no more, and this will be for good, at least until we get a dedicated server. Unfortunately it was being abused anyway, as cheating sites were using it for extra advertisement, and sites in other languages which weren't even RS related were doing the same. After continually removing them, they just kept re-adding themselves, and we couldn't control it. So, it was right to do anyway.

I'm sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused, and I thank you for your support in this issue.

-=[ Supercoolyo ]=-
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Many Guides Uploaded! July 16, 2006

As part of my recent initiative to upload guides and clean out the submissions board, I will be putting up everything I see fit and ready to be on the site.

Since they are many and numerous I will not provide a list here as it will require almost constant updating and will get pushed down eventually. At the end I will detail exactly what has been uploaded.

Best regards,
Posted by: Galbatronix
Warriors Guild Guide! June 29, 2006
I have just finished uploading the Warriors Guild Guide! Thanks to i own u for it! You can view the guide Here
Posted by: Mteigers
Pest Control Update, Warriors Guild! June 18, 2006
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12 June 2006 - Warriors' Guild

Harrallak Menarous, warrior and swordsmaster, has been away exploring far-off lands. Now he's returned, he has formed a guild west of Burthorpe to train warriors in the arts of fighting. For this training, Harrallak has gathered some unusual people with their own ideas of what makes a warrior - including an ex-Black Knight, a warrior mage and an educated barbarian woman with a fondness for bad puns.

Minigames around the guild prove whether you can defeat your own animated armour, test how far you can throw the shot and let you be the target for an angry dwarf with a catapult! These minigames will allow you to earn some training time in a cage with the creatures Harrallak discovered on his trip. If you're lucky, you might even get one to drop a new blade that you can use in place of a shield!

In between balancing barrels, whacking dummies and being hit by anvils, you can find shops and a bank here to replenish your supplies. To enter the Warriors' Guild, you will need a total of 130 combined attack and strength. Bear in mind that if you die whilst there, you will lose your items!

we didn't want to interfere with your construction!

This week we are releasing various improvements for the Pest Control mini-game, as well as increasing the range of rewards available to you.

If you take a look, you'll find much more information available in the waiting areas, as well as some nice new interfaces during the game itself. These will tell you useful statistics like the health of the Void Knight, the status of the portals and the amount of damage you have inflicted.

We've also made changes to the rewards. You'll still get 1 point for successfully completing a round of the mini-game, but you can now use those points to buy herb, seed or mineral packs, a new Guthixian Mace with spell casting abilities and an armour set to allow you to blend in with the other Void Knights! There is also the chance to save up 100 points and spend them all in one go, earning you 10% extra XP in your chosen stat. Take a look at the Knowledge Base for more information, including equipment stats.

We have also added some gold and silver mining spots to the TzHaar Area.

Enjoy! -_~Snakeboi70~_-
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New Worlds, June Behind The Scenes June 5, 2006
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5 June 2006 - Behind the Scenes - June

Hello, and welcome to another exciting edition of Behind the Scenes, where we let you know all about the exciting updates we are adding during the upcoming month. Obviously, we are expecting lots of you will be happily sawing and building things, but we doubt you’ll be able to resist the great new releases we have planned!

So, in no particular order...

This month, the Warriors' Guild finally appears just on the outskirts of Burthorpe. It’s taken a while to get the ideas right, but with various different minigames to play, earning you time in a rewarding training room at the top, we are sure it’s worth the wait. Try out the shot putt, animate suits of armour, smash training dummies in a kind of “whack-a-mole” setting, even try beating a drunken guard at a very odd balancing game. Keep a look out for a rather nice new blade too.

We are also adding new rewards to Pest Control. Players will now be able to spend their points on new Void Knight armour and a brand new Guthixian mace with various autocast options. The generous Void Knights will also exchange your points to buy packs of minerals, seeds and herbs. Players keen to save up all their points will also be able to cash in larger stacks of points for more generous XP rewards. We are also updating the interface for Pest Control, showing you more information such as remaining time, the damage taken by the Void Knight and the number of portals closed.

Our quest this month follows on from the Lost Tribe quest, where you will be invited to escort a very friendly member of the Dorgeshuun around the surface world to see the sights! You’ll have to be careful though, no doubt Sigmund and his evil HAM brotherhood will interfere somewhere along the line. A brand new weapon with a rather unique special attack waits for those who take on the job. This fantastic addition to the goblin cave storyline could even force a tear in the most hardy of adventurers, so be prepared.

Anyone ever had any Trouble Brewing? Well, this minigame certainly has, especially when you consider what’s involved with brewing the famous Braindeath “rum”. Get dyed monkeys to fetch nuts from the top of a tree, but hope there isn’t another monkey up there already or it could be the worse for poor ol’ Cuddles. Lure out grubs from insect mounds with fresh meat, boil up your flowers, scrape disease-ridden bark from trees and bung it all in the hoppers before the opposing team sets fire to everything! Of course, if they do, you can always blast them with your steam pumps, or even go and burn their stuff in an act of revenge!

Large teams of players compete to brew the most “rum”, earning pieces of eight to spend on some very fetching pirate gear and a few other things besides. It’s like nothing we have ever tried before, but if you like the madness involved with our current pirate offerings, we are sure you’ll enjoy this. With open invites going out to all and sundry, the pirates are bound to open up gates to Mos Le'Harmless, giving access to the rest of the island. Aside from the new minigame, there are deep caverns to explore and new slayer monsters to fight.

A new random event will also be released this month. One of the Camelot beekeepers has a problem. His old beehives have stood around for a long time and they are starting to fall apart. Help him to reassemble the beehives before you get stung and have to dive into a stream to escape the angry swarm! Bee careful not to get stung...

Finally, we have a brand new FREE TO PLAY release this month. After years of giving security advice to players via our website and our customer relation teams, we have decided to build it into the game via a rather funky training area. Players are invited to hack and slash their way through 4 floors of beasts, all the while answering questions to some pushy doors. Various treasures wait on the different floors, with the top floor giving free players a new piece of armour... and it looks pretty good too! Hopefully you’ll learn a few tips on how to keep your account secure on the way too.

2 June 2006 - 11 new worlds online

The recent release of player-owned housing has caused a very high demand for members worlds, therefore over the last 2 days we have put 11 new worlds online to make sure there is plenty of space.

Canadian players will also be pleased to hear that some of these are our first servers to be located in Vancouver.

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Readers Letters, Game Tweaks, Royal Trouble May 31, 2006
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This week sees the release of our biggest and most anticipated update this year: player-owned houses. No longer must RuneScape members wander the world endlessly, never being able to sit down or have a place to call their own. Members can build their houses and make furniture using the new Construction skill. Start by building a cottage with a few chairs around a fire, and add rooms and gain levels until you have your own palace. Some pieces of furniture will unlock new abilities, magic spell tablets, and even chairs you can sit down in.

This incredible update features over 20 rooms, 330 pieces of furniture, 11 new NPCs, 12 dungeon monsters, craftable toys, new armour and shields, trophy rooms, tool racks, different architectural styles, butlers and a whole host of new games to play with your house guests!

Basic houses, rooms and furniture are priced cheaply enough so that most members will be able to afford somewhere to live. We have also made lots of features for our more opulent players to be able to show off their wealth. If you get your construction level high enough and you're rich enough you can build an entire dungeon to challenge your friends, you might even be able to add your own dragon to it! Or how about a throne room? - with a throne of crystal!

Fancy a change of scene? As you go up levels your house can be rebuilt in completely different designs ranging from the Rimmington “Shack” look, the Rellekkan Longhall and the Brimhaven Beach-house.

To start you must buy a small